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oficiální stránky města mirošov - titulní strana
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 Based on automatic check, content on this domain is 100% family safe. Content on can be classified into 14 categories, where only 1 is family-unsafe. You can safely visit this domain. Based on human check, you can safely visit this domain. Last check: Thursday, 16 January 2014 .

Found categories

We have found keywords in content, that may be typical for these categories:

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Shopping: 47%
Shopping websites can inlude company e-commerce website, as well as price comparing engines.
+    -
Travel: 17%
Travel related websites, including flight ticket search, hotel search or accommodation price compare, city or tourist attraction reviews or latest news from world of travel.
+    -
Weather: 13%
Websites providing information about weather, humidity and another information.
+    -
Electronics: 10%
+    -
Preposition: 8%
+    -
Food: 2%
Food related website, where you can find information about food nutrition or a list of recipes.

+    -
Cars: 1%
Car manufacturers, or websites writing car reviews. May be also websites containing car classifieds.
+    -
Sport: 1%
Sport related websites, including latest news
+    -
Education: 1%
Official websites of universities, campuses, school or another companies related to education.
+    -
Job search: 1%
Job search engines or job posting websites.
+    -
Animals: 0%
Pet related websites, where you can share photos of your pets, or buy / sell puppies or kittens.
+    -
Online newspapers: 0%
Online version of print-related companies. It may also contain pure online news sites.
+    -
Classifieds: 0%
A website, where you can submit your own classified for free, or in exchange for money.

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Webhosting IP address88.86.102.7
Page size(Kb)23.64
Website titleoficiální stránky města mirošov - titulní strana
Character encodingutf-8
Robots.txt meta tagall
Number of links on homepage46

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What is Kindsafe?

Kindsafe tries to make internet a safer place. We use our own technology to identify websites, and mark the ones with family unsafe content. Then, you can install our browser plugin, and access to these pages will be disabled. Webmasters can use our API too. Join us now.

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What is Kindsafe?

Kindsafe tries to make a better internet. We use our own technology to mark domains with family unsafe content. After installing our browser plugin we will disable access to this kind of websites, so you can sleep better while your children are browsing the web. Webmasters can use our API too.
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